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Welcome to eNetra

Nothing is more precious for visually-challenged people them something that assists them to recognize people, things, and colors around them. E-Netra, an advanced eyewear app is designed to illuminate the lives of blind people and assist them to gain social standing and respect while living a normal life. E-Netra is not just another mobile app for blind users, it is the realization of our vision to enhance the quality of lives of visually-impaired people with the combination of AI and other advancements of assistive technology.

E-Netra app is a health tech app designed to utilize the features of the IoT-based product made exclusively for blind or visually impaired users.


Social/Navigational Challenges

Higher Dependency on Volunteers

Inaccessible Healthcare Services

Minimal Access to Information

Inaccessible Emergency Services

Inability to Gauge Distance, Depth of Field & Orientation

Lack of Enough Content/Articles to Improve Life of The Blind

Difficulties in Conducting Daily Chores

Minimal Chances of Finding Reading Material Written in Braille


How Does E-Netra Make a Difference

Connect better with Loved Ones
What is better than identifying the person in front of you without asking them? eNetra has a Person Identification feature for it.

Navigate Through the Living Room easily
Whether you are looking for your keys or walking to the kitchen, eNetra helps you identify objects in front of you to be able to make life easier.

Enjoy your leisurely activities like Reading, gardening
Enetra’s Smart AI identifies text on the objects in from of it and reads it out to the user. So, whether it is reading the newspaper, your favourite book or giving water to the plants, Enetra can help you.

Help Is Just a call away
Want to get assistance from nearby volunteers? eNetra app has many pre-registered volunteers available waiting to help you.

Access Quality Healthcare anywhere
Having a health Issue? Cant get in touch with your family doctor? Don’t worry, E-netra has a doctor on demand feature which lets you connect with the nearest doctors in your vicinity

Connect Wholesome Life
Learn new life hacks that are tailormade for visually impaired individuals. Get podcasts and E-books that teach you life skills to make you more self-reliant.

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