What is E-Netra?

A social startup with a mission to empower differently-abled people by integrating the combination of breakthrough assistive technology and IoT. Visually impaired people can use this advanced electronic vision, and get a crystal clear, real-time image of persons and things in front of them.

A team of expert developers has developed eNetra after taking inputs from Blind People’s Association, employees, prospective users, and innovative thinkers. The product has multiple uses for people with different ability including immediate access to healthcare and lifestyle features, reading and prompting text, navigation proximity, face detection, gesture control, and SOS calls.


In the Recent years we have seen a major breakthrough in technologies that are trying to improve the lives of visually impaired individuals. But most of these technologies ignored one of the primary parameters of living a wholesome and happy life – Health and Lifestyle. For many of us access to good healthcare facilities is easy but for a visually impaired individual it is limited and sometimes unreliable. Similarly, a lot of apps in the market help the blind in recognizing objects and people, or in understanding orientations and navigations but very few give tips on how to life a safe and easy life or access to premium healthcare. That is where eNetra come in.

eNetra is an eco-system poised to be launched as a mobile app that can give visually impaired individuals access to good healthcare professionals, lifestyle tips and also assist them with their daily life. Besides its basic functions of identifying objects and people in front of the person, eNetra will also have a Doctor on Demand Feature with a live video call feature by which he can access several volunteer doctors near him immediately. It also will have pre-stored data which will give out information to the user about various life hacks that a blind individual may need in his day to day life.


Volunteer Registration
People can register themselves as volunteers through an app for extending helping hand toward blind or visually-impaired people from across the world.

Text-To- Speech
Users can have the joy of reading a variety of books and articles they like as eNetra boasts of a text to speech feature that can read the text aloud.

Life Hacks
It facilitates users to lead a healthy and relatively normal life with ease by providing important lifestyle-related podcasts, audiobooks, and the like while helping them to address household chores.

One of the main features of E-netra is that it enables the app users to call a nearby volunteer doctor in the case of emergency or any sort of health issue. The feature can helpful when you can not touch with your family doctor.

Works Offline and Real-time
E-Netra can work offline to an extent and give real-time information to the users.

No Dependency on Cloud
Users can easily protect privacy as eNetra does not depend on cloud-based services and does not store any data on the cloud.

Person Identification
Blind users can recognize the person in front of them. E-Netra also prompts gender and approximate age of the person.

Product and Object Identification
Users can get familiar with surroundings as eNetra identifies products/objects thanks to AI.